The Full Self-Emergence Program

A unique opportunity to participate in a transformative 8 day, 2 part program at the Riverdell Spiritual Centre.

The Full Self Emergence Program is now being offered for in Australia – places are limited and bookings are essential!

“Within every person is a creative spirit, passionate to emerge, with unbounded creativity, vitality and joy, and compassion for other people—it is in every one of us.”

So what stops that spirit from coming forth? All too often, people believe the negative messages they receive from the world around them. They come to believe the limiting stories told by the people in their lives and by the surrounding culture. They believe that it is too risky to be who they really are. And they lose faith in the power of the creative spirit.

Full Self Emergence is a program designed to share the enlightened knowledge of the transformational process that frees people to be fully themselves. It allows the participant to shed any limiting patterns of thought and belief they have absorbed from the world around them. We live in a time when people are awakening and the very heart and soul of Planet Earth is experiencing a rebirth. Fresh ideas and new technology abound. The heart of humanity is deepening. And a new vision of our future is inspiring people across the globe. In culture and society—and individually for each person—for something new to be born, something else has to fall away.

Rebirth happens in the midst of disintegration. This is the way of the phoenix. Virtually everyone finds themselves surrounded by this phenomenon. But it is not only happening outside of us. As human beings, it is transpiring in our own personal experience. For some, struggle pervades their lives. And for others, the spirit of rebirth brings new adventure and fulfillment. What do you want to birth into your life?



    Spiritual Development

    -Daily Workshops and presentations
    -A variety of Meditation styles
    – Reading and Journaling



    Individual Mentors

    One of our experienced and skilled facilitators will provide you with personalised one on one mentorship

    Body Centered Practice

    – Yoga
    – Tai Chi
    – Chakra Dance
    – An Introduction to Attunement

    Work Pattern

    Participants will be making a meaningful contribution to the success of the course through team work and community service
    Full Self Emergence is one of the Primal Spirituality educational programs taught by the Emissaries of the Divine Light. Since 1932, Emissaries of Divine Light have been helping people worldwide deepen their attunement with the universal wisdom and love within them. With your help, we aspire to bring humanity together to create a spiritual regeneration of the Earth. Primal Spirituality is the spirituality that human beings are born with, and that ideally blossoms and grows as a person matures. The philosophy of the Emissaries of Divine Light is to honor Universal Being in all of Creation and, most importantly, in ourselves. This philosophy is the foundation of the Full Self Emergence Program.

    Elements of this transformational intensive include the following:

    • Teachings on full self emergence
    • Spiritual dialogue sessions
    • Body-centered spiritual practices including: Yoga, Attunement Energy awareness, Chakra Dance and Tai Chi
    • Reading and journaling about spiritual topics
    • Transformation groups
    • Coaching provided by an experienced member of the faculty
    • Contribution to the program and spiritual community through community service

    Call us today on +61 (08) 8523 1329 for more information regarding Full Self Emergence and discover for your self what your future might hold.

    Meet Our Facilitators

    The Full Self Emergence Program is an amazing opportunity for people from all walks of life who are awakening to what their life is really about. People who complete the program find a clearer vision for themselves and a deeper understanding of their personal mission. They see the value of the contribution they have to make with people. They feel a deeper attunement with the spiritual wellspring within them. And, being immersed in a joyful community experience, they feel a deep connection with others. Most of all, they feel the joy of being more fully, and more confidently, themselves.

    If you feel ready to walk a path that lets the fullness of your spirit come forth, and you desire to engage in an environment where that is welcomed, we invite you to consider Full Self Emergence. The program will be offered at the Riverdell Spiritual Centre in 2 parts. Part 1 of the program will be April 18 – April 26, 2020, and part 2 will be July 25 – August 2, 2020.

    So what can you expect?

    Participants in Full Self-Emergence can expect the following:


    • Daily teaching and interactive workshops in a variety of settings with all reading and journal supplies provided
    • Guided meditation sessions and plenty of time for your own personal practice to develop
    • The opportunity to participate in body centred spiritual practices that are suitable for both beginners and experienced alike
    • Introduction to the energy healing practice of Attunement
    • Personal mentoring sessions both during and between the two parts of the program
    • Comfortable shared accommodation set on our beautiful 9 acre grounds just outside of Gawler, South Australia
    • Food supplies for shared meals to ensure a nutritious and delicious time at Riverdell Spiritual Centre
    • All bedding and linen is included

    Apply today for part 1 of Full Self Emergence 2020

    Call the Riverdell office on +61 (08) 8523 1329 for more information and to secure your place.

    Alternatively, click on the button below and secure your participation in this life affirming program.

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    Looks amazing…..but what does it cost?

    Given the high quality and unique nature of our FSE program, agreeing on its ‘value’ has been difficult to achieve. We are a not for profit incorporated organisation and so look to create opportunities for Spiritual renewal as affordably as we can. That is why we are proud to be able to offer a fully inclusive ‘Early Bird’ price of only A$899 for this 8 day program, including meals and comfortable shared accommodation. If you would prefer to commute, Early Bird tickets for the course as a stand alone experience, with lunch and morning tea included are only $450! Contact our office on +61 (08) 8523 1329 to get all the details and to secure your place for this program of self discovery and personal empowerment.


    I can see what great value that is however, its still just a bit out of reach for me at this stage…what can I do?

    Our priority is ensuring that the people that need to be at FSE can be. We understand how difficult it can be to have expendable income in our current climate, and that’s why we are offering more flexible payment arrangements. If you feel that you could benefit from such an arrangement, please contact us for more details on how to apply. Call the Riverdell office on +61 08 8523 1329.

    Testimonials from previous participants in FSE

    “I came to the FSE Program deeply wanting to be spiritually activated.  I had become sluggish and needed inspiration to be in my life and world more fully.  Mission accomplished! The FSE program is a gift.  It is a gift to oneself through learning to show up in one’s life more fully to be spiritually activated.  Through this process our innate urge to radiate love and compassion into our world become more actualized.  And that is a gift to our world!”
    - Karen B

    “I feel like the most profound emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experience of my 52 years was the experience of FSE.  I was faced by truth after divine truth of my Divine Being.  The combination of body-centered practice sessions, the weekly reading materials, the services, attunements, understanding the creative process, and the experience of living in community created a truly divine collective experience.”
    - Chris<br /> B

    “FSE was a very fulfilling and effective program for personal and spiritual growth and healing.  I emerged from FSE the most authentic and empowered expression of myself as ever in my life.”
    - Melissa J

    “Full Self Emergence is as profound and life altering as any program available anywhere, with the added experience of living and working at Sunrise Ranch.  The opportunity to commune with a creative, intelligent and inspired collective, to grow food, to worship, to make art and music, to share meals in this majestic mountain valley will forever change the participant. I recommend FSE to anyone interested in being human.”
    - Bruce C

    Apply today for Full Self Emergence part 1, April 18 - 26, 2020.

    Call the Riverdell office on +61 (08) 8523 1329 for more information and to secure your place.

    Alternatively, click on the button below and apply via email. Just be sure to include your Name and Phone number.

    We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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