The Tuning in – Beyond Belief time is an energetic exploration that moves past the trappings of today’s “civilised living”. We’ll dialogue about our energy-rich lifestyle in attunement with Life that we’ve both been living, practicing, and teaching for a total of 60+ years. We’ll share tips and clues we’ve found valuable in growing our Soul nature in these very challenging times. We’ll invite you to consider how well we’re all doing with moving past what-ever binds us. We’ll look at what ways we’re letting our true Soul nature shine through and check whether we’re treating it with the renewed acceptance, compassion and understanding it truly deserves. We’ll consider what it takes to really create a deeper sense of “home” that we can thrive in.

Our relaxed, “lounge chair” style, conversational approach for our evening has the intent for you to simply BE with two blokes who share candidly and well, have open hearts and minds, are insightful about Soulfulness, and love being with others wanting to do the same.

When: Thursday October 3
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Where: The Sanctuary of the Riverdell Spiritual Centre, Clifford Road, Hillier
Cost: $15 per person (bookings essential) 

About the facilitators, Jonathan and Ted:

Jonathan MacIntyre is highly energy sensitive person (some would say Empath, HSP or intuitive) who has been consciously working with energetic health, wellness and healing, personally and professionally, for 30+ years. He brings a well-tempered life experience and a common sense awareness and understanding of how the complex field of energy can very simply show us the way through to better living.

Ted Blodgett is the long-time coordinator of the Oakwood Retreat Centre and community, near Muncie, in Indiana, USA. He is passionate about the relationship between energy and the wellbeing of our planet and all on it. Through the Retreat Centre, he is host to many groups doing this in their unique ways too.

Even though they are on opposite sides of the globe, Ted and Jonathan have been Attunement and Soulful energy-working colleagues of 20+ years.

“The real value of tuning in beyond belief in these times of significant change is its resulting experience of deep peace.” Jonathan MacIntyre August 2019

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October 3


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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