Journey of the Soul

Date: 15th June 2019

Cost: $100 for general admission or $85 for concession

Time of event: 10am til 4pm

Number of participants: minimum 10 maximum 15

Facilitated in: in the Sanctuary at Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Journey of the Soul – Day Workshop

Ever wondered why you are the way you are? Ever wondered who you actually are?
You are not your name, your body, your size, your role or your job… So, who are you?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You are not a human being having a spiritual experience,
You are a spiritual being, having a human experience”.
This is true, we are all souls first. We came into this life, into a human body for this earthly
experience – adding to all the other experiences our soul has had…and we will leave this
earthly body behind when it is time, to continue our souls’ journey.

This workshop is about discovering more about self, what’s brought you here and what you’re learning. This is to hopefully answer some long held beliefs or questions that so far, have gone unanswered. To bring insight and understandings about people and places that you’re drawn to. Fears and phobias.

Likes and dislikes. Exotic foods and flavors that stir you deeply.

We will discuss these topics and more. We will also explore our inner world with meditation and 
meaningful contemplation of our own life experiences and lessons.

A bit about Meredith:

Meredith has been on her spiritual journey all her life. So many ‘sign posts’ that have triggered
her own soul through meditation and past life experiences.
Meredith is a Reiki Master, and Tarot reader and all that she does is for healing and progressing through difficult times.
Meredith teaches meditation/psychic development and a Learn to Read the Tarot course.
An International Tarot reader, Meredith has read for people in places such as New Zealand
and Hong Kong, and online to places such as Spain, Belgium, England and the US.
Having studied and researched topics such as reincarnation, karma and past lives, Meredith has 
discovered many of her own past lives and connections to people and places which has brought
understandings and enrichment to her life.

What people need to bring:

  •  A shared plate for lunch or your own if you have special

  •  dietary requirements.

  • A pen and notebook


  • 10am arrive starting with introductions

  • Discussion/Teachings

  • 12noon: lunch 40 mins

  • Welcome back & Meditation

  • Discussion

  • 2.30: break 20 mins

  • Meditation/Discussion

  • Closing 


June 15


10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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