Chakradance was discovered by Natalie Southgate. She discovered that moving your chakras, by dancing to chakra-specific music, can help you release blockages caused by old stuck, emotional energy. It can help you to re-tune and re-balance your chakras, restoring you to a blissful state of vibrant health and well-being.

Title of Event: Chakradance with Rachel
Dates: Friday 10th January ($10 introduction evening) AND/OR each Friday night for 9 weeks from Friday 24th January – Friday 20th March
Time: 6.30pm-8pm
Cost: 10th January Introductory Evening is a special price of $10 and then each class after is $25 per session OR $200 for all 9 evenings (save $25).
Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre (in the Sanctuary)

My invitation is for you to find what thousands of others have found – the unravelling of blocked energy, a deepened connection to your true, authentic self, and the feeling of coming home.

  • Friday 10th January – $10 Introduction Evening (bookings are essential)

  • Each Friday night for 9 weeks from Friday 24th January – Friday 20th March – $25 per session

  • The final Friday evening on 20th March 2020 is an integration of all the chakras

Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance™ will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. A healing dance/movement practice that draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, Chakradance™ aims to restore health to our chakras – the energy centres that, in Eastern tradition, are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit.

In a room with low-light, we move with our eyes closed, with our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance™ is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

Welcome to Chakradance™. Come and explore. Have fun. Find meaning. Let go. Come and look deeper into each chakra, each part of you, and experience more within the dance that is uniquely yours.

Chakradance 1st  class is facilitated as an introductory class (“Awakening” or “7 Keys to Freedom”) depending on which course is being run at the time. We then follow with 9 weekly classes of 90 minute each focusing on a different chakra for each class (as well as an introductory and integration class). Each time you CHAKRADANCE the experience is quite different.

About the facilitator, Rachel:

Rachel is a Degree qualified Naturopath & Holistic Nutritional Biochemist who practices in the township of Gawler South Australia. Rachel facilitates Buteyko breathing and recently Chakradance™. Rachel brings a wealth of health knowledge and believes in the mind body & spirit connection and how bringing harmony and balance in these areas helps promote healing and wellbeing

What people need to bring: 

Water bottle, loose fitting clothing and bare feet for the class.

For more information please visit or phone the office on 8523 1329 during business hours.


January 10 - 06:30 pm


March 20 - 08:00 pm

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