Focusing on the mind, body and spirit creates both harmony and unity within. Translated, Yoga means ‘Union’, the practice of Yoga has been around for more than 3,500 years and continues today to be one of the most sought after experiences to bring the spirit, body and mind back into union with oneself, and indeed with it all. The physical aspect of Yoga when coupled with breath awareness techniques have been known to:

  • Increase Vitality
  • Improve body awareness
  • Reduces tension
  • Foster inner peace
  • Allows for spiritual development
  • Decreases Stress levels
  • Lowers Blood pressure

Riverdell currently offer a ‘Sunrise’ Yoga Class during South Australian School Terms on a Friday morning starting at 7:00 am until 8:00am. We also have a Yin Yoga class Wednesday evenings 6:00pm – 7:00 pm. Our class prices are some of the cheapest you will find anywhere because to us, making quality Yoga classes accessable to all is our priority. Click here to purchase a 5 class pass for only $50 or drop by with our casual rate of only $13. All of our classes are beginer friendly but challenging enough for the more experienced Yogi.¬†

Energy Healing

Attunement is about bringing Love into our worlds, letting love radiate without concern for result. Connecting directly with the energies flowing in the body from Source, Light is expressed as Love.

There are two aspects to the practice of Attunement:

  • The technique
  • The other is a way of Life

Working with energy flowing through the seven Endocrine Glands, each gland brings to focus a particular quality which can be applied to daily life. Love becomes differentiated throughout the body as the attunement progresses.

For example: The Pineal Gland focuses the quality of Love; the Pituitary, the quality of truthfulness; the Thyroid, the quality of creativity and so on until we get to the Gonads – the promise of new beginnings. These qualities can be manifested as we wash dishes, in the workplace, take children to school, gardening. In this way, it becomes a conscious, intentional way of living.

Attunement is a non-touch technique, where two people – the Giver, and the Receiver, are drawn together in oneness. There is such beauty in the design of the human body – the hands become the focus of the energetic current and in effect they become an extension of the heart.

As the attunement process begins, the Giver, initiates their own divine connection with Source, which in turn activates the Receivers connection with Source. Upon completion of the attunement, a deep sense of shared communion and connection with Source is experienced, along with a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Beyond words, we have shared in something magical, something profound.

Riverdell offers individual Attunement appointments. Please call 8523 1329 to book a session.

Interested in learning the art of Attunement?  Riverdell offers Introductory, Level 1 and 2 plus Post Graduate classes with Master Practitioner Vicki Edwards. For dates on our next training sessions please visit our Whats On Page or join our mailing list to keep informed with upcoming events.


Sound as a form of healing has been used for thousands of years. This ancient art uses the vibration from sound waves to balance, soothe and heal the heart, mind, body and spirit. You may feel yourself restored as the body is immersed in a sea of sound. Our resident Sound practitioner Vicki Edwards, as well as our guest Sound specialists use gongs, sound bowls, chimes and the voice to create an experience you will never forget. Some of the Sound based practices that we offer at Riverdell include:

  • Healing Chant
  • Sacred Sound Baths
  • Sounding for health and wellbeing
  • Drumming Meditations
  • Kirtan

For the next Sound Experience at Riverdell please visit our Whats On Page.

Diet and Nutrition

For the body to maintain optimum health it needs the right nutrition. Eating a diet that is filled with powerful nutrient rich foods not only combats chronic diseases but also strengthens the immune system. Riverdell is proud to host workshops and retreats by presenters leading the way in the science behind diet and nutrition. Join us and learn the wonderful health benefits fermented foods can have on your body, how to make simple healthy treats for your family and the joy of daily juicing. For more information about our next upcoming diet and nutrition workshop please visit our What’s On Page.

Walk our Reflexology Path

Reflexology is a massage technique that circulates, stimulates and activates points in the feet that correspond to points in the body. Reflexology not only feels great, it enlivens the physical body. The sensations you feel through a reflexology treatment can be very surprising, sometimes even slightly tender. Take a moment to think about your feet. They are our stability and direct connection with the earth providing the grounding aspect in life.

What better way to find balance than to walk on an undulating stone path. You will find the flatter stones easier to walk on initially and then you can walk on the more intense track, discovering a new awareness with your feet and more. Come and visit our path and experience it for yourself!

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