Weekly Events

In addition to our feature events and workshops, Riverdell hosts a number of weekly and fortnightly events that are available for the public to experience. Because of the repeating nature of these events, you won’t find them listed in our What’s on page however all the details can be found below. As with any queries you may have regarding Riverdell, feel free to contact us and we will be only to happy to assist.

Sunday Gathering

A time created especially for you to slow down, reflect and renew at the weekend and to set your conscious, spiritual course for the coming week.   Featuring a mixture of presentations, including performing arts, we invite you to connect with your own inner Spirit in an atmosphere of sharing  with like-spirited people.

Our time together includes chant, presentations, group attunement and refreshing morning tea with lively conversation.

All Age Service.  Once a month, we host a Service time that’s specifically designed to suit all ages, and we especially welcome children to these times.   See our Facebook page for specific dates.

  • When – Weekly on Sundays, 9.30am for chant; presentation and attunement 10 -11am followed by morning tea in the Dining Room
  • Where – Sanctuary, Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Everyone is welcome.   Offered freely.  Your donations are always appreciated.


Meditation is one of the best tools for discovering stillness, restoring balance, gaining clarity and finding peace within. People who enjoy a regular meditation practice experience increased calmness and a higher degree of creativity and joy. Whether for spiritual growth, personal development or the sake of your sanity, our classes are designed to be an affordable, accessible, and safe way to venture into the insightful practice of meditation. As you deepen your experience of meditation, you may discover that inner peace, serenity and a deeper understanding of who you truly are can be yours.

Riverdell offers regular meditation sessions led by a diverse range of experienced teachers and guides. In addition to the shorter format meditation sessions, Riverdell Spiritual Centre offers longer format workshops and retreats where participants get the chance to experience a collage of meditation styles. Please visit our What’s On Page for information on our next meditation event. We would love to share with you this ancient technique that can help you reconnect with your inner joy.

Currently we have sessions available at the following times:

  • Every Wednesday morning in our Attunement room with Jewels Boland and Linda Miels (during South Australian school terms) from 10-11am. $8 per session


Focusing on the mind, body and spirit creates both harmony and unity within. Translated, Yoga means ‘Union’, the practice of Yoga has been around for more than 3,500 years and continues today to be one of the most sought after experiences to bring the spirit, body and mind back into union with oneself, and indeed with it all. The physical aspect of Yoga when coupled with breath awareness techniques have been known to:

  • Increase Vitality
  • Improve body awareness
  • Reduces tension
  • Foster inner peace
  • Allows for spiritual development
  • Decreases Stress levels
  • Lowers Blood pressure

Riverdell currently offers the following sessions:

  • ‘Sunrise’ Hatha Yoga Class (during South Australian school terms) Friday Morning 7:00am until 8:00am.
  • Evening Yin Yoga class Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Our class prices are some of the most competitive you will find anywhere because making quality Yoga classes accessable to all is our priority. Purchase a 5 class pass for only $50 or drop by with our casual rate of only $13 per class. Payments will be collected at the class and all of our classes are beginer friendly but challenging enough for the more experienced Yogi. 

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