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Vicki Edwards

Vicki has spent much of her adult life working with vibrational healing using such modalities as Attunement, Creative & Sacred Dance, Art and Sound. She believes life is about (re-) discovering the divine Light that is innate within each person.

Vicki is the resident Sacred Sound practitioner here at Riverdell. She is trained to use her voice as a healing instrument both on people, personal situations and ‘singing’ the land. Her passion is encouraging others to find their own individual sound – their song.


Using Sound and the human voice to facilitate profound change and healing.

In the Beginning there was Great Spirit dreaming. Dreaming became Sound and Sound came together, forming Life. And so it is that everything in creation – birthed as it was through sound, has its own particular signature sound.

I have been studying Sacred Sound for a number of years now with Vickie Dodd who is a Sacred Sound practitioner. Over the time spent with her, I have gained a sense of assurance, been witness to myself and others instantly changed whilst being sounded by the sound practitioner.

I recall the first time I heard Vickie sounding and the powerful sound that moved out from her, her voice producing tears and the goose-bumps over my entire body. It penetrated something long dead in me and totally changed me.

Vickie says: “… sound restores the body to its natural fluidity”; that our body loves to hear the sound of its own voice.

I remembered then. In remembering, I returned to that secret place of the heart, the place where, as children, we are still fully connected with Great Spirits Dreaming.

The work I offer is to enable people to discover their own distinctive sound. In discovering their unique voice, I have witnessed an inner strength emerge, a knowing that they hold the power to be their Highest and Finest.

Sounding enables release of the shadows we human beings carry, the stuck emotions, genetic patterning, painful memories, whatever else has been stored in the body over a lifetime. Sound has the ability to change all that, and of its own accord release occurs, natural balance and health within us is restored.

We sound the shadow.

We sound the light.

In sounding both the shadow and the light elements, we come to embrace our innate Wholeness once more.



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