Spiritual Programs

Riverdell Spiritual Centre provides opportunities and teaching so people can discover a life of spiritual maturity for themselves. We honour the spiritual journeys of all people and recognise that for every individual the path that resonates for them will be unique. We are proud to have the work of experienced teachers and guides from a variety of spiritual paths on offer.

We assist people to address the many challenges to living a spiritual life in the modern world, including:

  • Being a caring, loving person in a world that sometimes seems hard and uncaring
  • Being spiritually and emotionally honest with others in a way that builds relationships
  • Tapping the creative fire within and sharing it with the world
  • Aligning work life with ones own life purpose

Riverdell is a place where people develop relationships with others who are on a similar spiritual path and build a network of friends who, together, are bringing a new spirituality to the world.

Sundays at Riverdell

A time created especially for you to slow down, reflect and renew at the weekend and to set your conscious, spiritual course for the coming week.   Featuring a mixture of presentations, including performing arts, we invite you to connect with your own inner Spirit in an atmosphere of sharing  with like-spirited people. 

Our time together includes chant, presentations, group attunement and refreshing morning tea with lively conversation.

All Age Service.  Once a month, we host a Service time that’s specifically designed to suit all ages, and we especially welcome children to these times.   See our Facebook page for specific dates.

  • When – Weekly on Sundays, 9.30am for chant; presentation and attunement 10 -11am followed by morning tea in the Dining Room
  • Where – Sanctuary, Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Everyone is welcome.   Offered freely.  Your donations are always appreciated.

Primal Spirituality

Primal Spirituality is the spirituality with which we are each born.  As we grow, we tend for forget what we intuitively knew as a child. The Primal Spirituality program assists people to reclaim the core elements of their own lives—to move past the negative messages that we receive from the world and embrace the spirit within us, to overcome self-sabotage and embrace our own creative fire and, to see the troubling issues of the human heart with compassion so that we can embrace Universal Love.

The practice of Primal Spirituality brings Universal Love through the human heart and Universal Intelligence through the mind. It is what empowers a person to act with courage and to fulfil their personal destiny as a human being.

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is offering courses in Primal Spirituality for people who desire to embrace their own spiritual core and to live from that reality. Look for the EDL initials on our whats on page to find out your next opportunity to learn about Primal Spirituality.


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