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Jenni Douglas 

Hi I’m Jenni, I live locally in Gawler with my partner Martin & our 2 Spoodle puppies Amico & Luca.

I’ve been involved at Riverdell for since 2000 & benefited by its welcoming atmosphere and generosity of spirit shared by those who live and work here. Over the time I’ve experienced a blossoming and deeper understanding of my spiritual self and an increased self resilience and trust in my skills and capacities.

I have a work background in the community services sector, working with children, young people and people with disabilities.

I am passionate about empowering myself and the community to respect our land and the planet and live more sustainably. This is expressed in my voluntary role as Chair at the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre.

My other passion is creating opportunities for children and adults to experience creative expression of their spirituality and sharing that together.

My role at Riverdell as Emissary Program Co-Ordinator is a wonderful opportunity to express my passion for community building and discovering our creative strengths and capacities through learning together

I’m delighted to support all that Riverdell has to offer, as I have benefited extensively from its presence in my life.

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