History and Philosophy

History and Philosophy

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is part of the global community of spiritual centres founded by The Emissaries of Divine Light . This network, Initiated in 1932 by Lloyd Meeker in the USA, emphasizes living a life of practical spirituality.

In 1977, Paul and Libby Blythe came to Adelaide from Toronto, Canada, with the dream of initiating an Emissary community. The current site, previously the Evanston Gardens Caravan Park, was purchased in July 1979. The block naturally divided into a working tourist park and a 9-acre section nestled against the Gawler River, which became the home of the ‘Hillier Park’ spiritual community.

Over the years, the number of community members has varied, reaching a peak of around 47 in the mid 1980’s. Regular spiritual teaching by both local and overseas presenters deepened the experience of true community for residents, and employment was available in the expanding caravan park.

In 2003, the site was renamed Riverdell Spiritual Centre by The Emissaries (SA) Inc and in recent years Hillier Park has evolved into Hillier Park Residential Village.

Over the past two years, Riverdell Spiritual Centre has entered a new growth phase, providing conference and retreat facilities for small to medium sized groups, as well as broad range of spiritual focused public talks and workshops.

Philosophy of Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Riverdell Spiritual Centre offers space for spiritual development of all kinds. We welcome a variety of practitioners, committed to guiding individuals in the many aspects of personal development of the mind, body and spirit.

With spaces offering moments of personal reflection in a natural setting alongside opportunities to engage in diverse programs that open doorways to new personal growth, Riverdell Spiritual Centre is a place for everyone to feel at home.

At Riverdell Spiritual Centre, we are a community with different views but a shared vision for spiritual fulfillment.

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