Starting January 6th 2019
7.30 – 9.30 pm in the Tipi
Investment $15 p/p
Maximum of 15 participants

The Women’s Dark Moon Circle is for women to come together in support and sisterhood, sharing our voices and hearts, caring for each other, listening and being heard, holding and being held in our vulnerability as women of the Earth.

Together we will explore what it really means to be a woman in this age and support each other to lead from our hearts and provide a safe space to grow together in authenticity.
This will be an intimate gathering of women from the age of 18 up – under 18 will be considered and will require parental permission.
Herbal teas will be provided

Each NEW Moon in 2019 – day and date will vary each month depending on the moon (the intention is to hold this under the darkest night of each moon, however some flexibility for the challenges of life might be necessary and therefor the actual night may change by a day or 2)


Intended schedule (subject to flexibility)

Jan 6 Sun 

Feb 5 Tues 

Mar 7 Thur 

April 5 Fri 

May 5 Sun 

Jun 3 Mon 

July 3 Wed

Aug 1 Thur

Aug 30 Fri

Sep 29 Sun

Oct 28 Mon

Nov 27 Wed

Dec 26 Thur


Each moon will have a difference focus and will include the astrology of the month (where the moon is at and the role it plays in our lives) as well as other treasures that Alicia discovers throughout the year

About Alicia Brown your Circle Facilitator
Amongst other creative talents, Alicia is a Transpersonal Counsellor & Integrative Therapist and a Psych-K Facilitator with some training in art therapy and eco-psychotherapy. She is also a Reiki 1 practitioner and an assemblage artist, and soon to be Ka Huna Bodyworker.

She has a particular interest in all that it means to be a human living in this time on Earth. She is fascinated with the human body and mind as well as the journey of the soul and that intriguing intersection of science and spirituality. Alicia is a life long learner, always studying and keeping abreast of the latest as well as ancient teachings on the body, mind and soul.

Alicia is mother to 3 beautiful unique young women – her greatest teachers.
She is a mother, a carer, a partner and a collaborator.
She has lived experience with caring for people with neuro-degeneration, disability, autism, mental illness and alcoholism as well as other carers and people who have lost someone to early death from suicide as well as terminal illness.

Alicia leads with vulnerability and authenticity and is here to support others finding their own way

In order to return to natural rhythms, Alicia is attempting to move with and consult the rhythms of the moon in all she does during 2019.

She would love you to join her on this journey.

Alicia is also available for individual counselling/integrative therapy sessions, card readings, Chakra clearings, supported meditation & mindfulness, Therapeutic Support Work and Mentoring (self or plan managed NDIS participants) – both indoors and outdoors – men, women and children. 

To connect with Alicia please contact her via the following

0434 868 727



For more infomation on this event please contact Riverdell on (08) 85231329 or via email on jasmine@riverdell.org.au 



January 6 - 07:30 pm


December 26 - 09:30 pm

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