Following on from the success of our recent series of “Are you an unknowingly energy sensitive person?” evenings at Riverdell, this mini workshop will explore experiences of –

  • realising even more about who we really are energetically
  • grounding our energy sensitivity for healthier wellbeing
  • reframing our new energy sensitivity awareness in positive and practical ways
  • discovering how to stop energy losses and start building our better energy uses
  • meeting other energy sensitive people learning about themselves too

“Hi I’m Jonathan, and I’ll be sharing some of the steps I had to take to understand and positively grow my energy sensitivity over the last 30 years. And, I’ll help you do the same, in plain understandable terms. There are benefits, challenges, and creative ways to better handle our sensing abilities. AND, generating a new sense of deeper stability, resilience and happiness is worth it!”

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May 5


01:30 pm - 04:30 pm

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