Self-love In Action 2019!
A women’s workshop series to literally love, change and move forward gorgeous! Experience shift with the feminine – the feeling way – the powerful truth of you!
Written and facilitated by Kerry Cleopatra
FEELING OUR WAY! ‘Clearing out and creating your life – your new story!’
This is a Divine workshop series – it’s a place to learn to reboot, rewrite and powerfully re-create your life, on your terms. This is both magical, energy matter transformation, alongside pragmatic, effective life changing process’s that are absolutely inspiring and do-able by all of us! The workshop includes discussion, sharing, ‘doing’ and being, with all materials supplied. You will leave with real inspiration, change and the methods to continue your change, your way! Your version of change, success and life is not only honoured – your own understanding of this is likely to be enriched deeply.
Quite simply – the practices taught by Kerry are simple, real, inspired and absolutely current with all our evolution. She lives and breathes a connected, intuitive, feminine intelligence in life and loves nothing more than inspiring this in those of us with the desire to be our greatest expression!
Topics: This workshop series is facilitated with absolute presence in the moment with what is right for all on the day, therefore, intuition takes first precedence for what is covered. You can, however, expect the following:
Workshop 1
Self-love recognition, de-bunking old paradigms that do not work for us anymore
Getting the clarity to rewrite your new version of love, based on your truth
Shifting stubborn patterns, stuckness, habits.
New love mantra’s and living the love in daily life – very easy and practical stuff!
Workshop 2
Recognising our old stories without getting caught up for too long amongst them.
Letting that stuff go – rewriting our story – what this really means and how we do it!
Preparing to manifest powerfully
Exciting paradigm shifts!
Workshop 3
Shifting to the feeling way of your powerful life.
Knowing YOUR version of success!
Clarity and clarity tools!
Creating and manifesting – the magic and reality of it all!
A channeled message time for all present.
Part 1 – to be held Valentines Eve 2019 – the workshop for self love, recognition & new love 13th February 2019.
Part 2 – Shifting story, shifting you! To be held 13th March 2019.
Part 3 – Powerful manifesting from the soul you! To be held 10th April 2019.
Note: This is a series of Women’s Self-love in action workshops – they can be attended as a stand alone event, however, attending all 3 offers an opportunity to grow and nurture yourself with greater synergy, accountability and connection with like-minded beautiful women alongside you! You need only bring you – your open mind and heart. This is suitable for exactly where you are within yourself – no pre-requisites. A sense of humour is handy! Perfect after evening Yoga with Jasmin at Riverdell should you choose to attend before we gather. Extra love and refreshments provided xo
About our facilitator, Kerry Cleopatra:
Kerry is known for her ability to bridge the gap between the intuitive and physical – in a grounded, practical way – she lives very present in both the physical and metaphysical realities, inspiring the truth of our unseen sacred matter! Knowledge and wisdom is her way. She isn’t easily categorised – so here’s some way’s she may be described: An Earth Mother, Shaman, Channel, Energy Healer (specialising in life transitions and soul reconciliation for women), A Health and Nutrition Coach, Life & Soul Motivator, Workshop Facilitator and Founder of ‘eKoo, energy & organics’ – award winning pure artissan skincare. She has lived and breathed from an unconventional, nature philosophy most of her life – more profoundly since the necessity of changing her health, happiness and ‘story’ in her early 20’s. Her 48 years on our planet have proven to be colourful and sometimes traumatic – yet you wouldn’t know it. She lives passionately with truth, creativity, responsibility and freedom – inspiring us to live our authentic joyful adventures!
Some words from a few who have adventured with Kerry
“You are pure sunshine! You have the ability to hold people’s attention and get them to be honest with themselves in truth and love. You gave so many people so much on Saturday and I was almost moved to tears several times because of the beautiful things you did – not just for me but every single person there – whether they were aware of it or not. I want to thank you for the amazing things that have come to light since I first came to you. THANKYOU.” Rebekah
“Wow, thank you for bringing my grey area to the fore. I have been told these many times but never so strongly and with this I have truly acknowledged them…and now feel free release them.” Marie
“Inspirational, real, beautiful, delicious, awakening, alive!! Thankyou!” Love Julianna and Matthew
“Thankyou Kerry for your heartfelt wonderful inspiration and sharing your knowledge, allowing me to plant seeds in my garden of health. Love and blessings,” Fiona
“I loved it, everything was awesome. Thanks for all your help, advice, & most of all for your love,” Chris x
“Thankyou for a wonderful time. I’m feeling empowered to make positive changes in my life!” Carly x
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For more information on this event, you’re welcome to visit or call the Riverdell Spiritual Centre office on 8523 1329.

February 13 - 07:30 pm


April 10 - 09:00 pm

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