Come and join this enlivening series to be held over 3 Tuesday evenings in Karrawirra from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

We’ll explore the basics, and the magic and magnificence of our lives as Human-Spiritual-Beings. We’ll investigate our spirituality as a very natural, and totally necessary part of our lives. No dogma or belief is required. Sessions will be facilitated by Ruth French and Jenni Douglas. Event FREE to Emissary Members.

The focus of each evening will be on the connection between Spirit and our Human capacities.

21st August. Our hearts, emotional realm, our feelings.

28th August. Our minds, mental realm, our thinking.

4th September. Our bodies, physical realm, our actions.

A little bit about event presenters

Ruth French – Ruth currently lives and works at Riverdell SC. Her work life history is filled with variety from teaching in schools, to working in one of Mother Therese’s homes in Delhi, to offering education in a Men’s Prison. She was receptionist at an innovative holistic health clinic, and lived and worked at a remote school camp. Ruth loves sharing and exploring how our spiritual and human capacities work together – our Primal Spirituality. She brings reassurance and care.

Jenni Douglas – ‘Keeping it real’ Jenni seeks and encourages a practical approach to spirituality based in the here and now. She is passionate about empowering self and community to respect our land, it’s indigenous peoples, the planet and to live more sustainably. In addition to working at Riverdell, she enjoys yoga, creative self-expression in the form of dance and drama and spending time with her dogs. Jenni has a background in the community services sector in particular working with children, young people and people with disabilities.

 For more details please call the riverdell office on 8523 1329 during business hours.

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August 21


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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