Peter Allen is a speaker, writer and researcher, with fifteen years’ writing and speaking experience at United Nations level, and thirty years of natural medicine. He was very ill and found no relief in orthodox western medicine. After years of study of human health, and the application of numerous different modalities, he found solutions for his own problems and those of others. His book is Health Overhaul – seven essential steps to better wellbeing.

Health Overhaul looks at modern western complaints like diabetes, cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, weight and digestive problems, stress and bowel disease. In these two content-rich presentations Peter describes the 7 health essential in his book, discussing these diseases people suffer from needlessly today and seem to expect to arise with age. He shows how there are ways to delay aging and improve function without toxic drugs or other invasive procedures.

Join Peter for 2 essential forums that will help you overhaul your health.

Forum 1 (Thursday May 3rd 7 – 9 pm) will  –

– look at key points in the history of medicine

– show what was discovered and what its importance was and is

– show how and why it was lost

– show that the basic cause of all illness is poisoning

– show how each of The Seven Essential Steps is just that, essential

– describe the way disease processes always follow body type

– look at the signs of health decline among public figures

– look at bodily conditions of ill health and show how they work

– look at how with good practice we can just cause symptoms to drop away

– describe how to extend life and keep good function in the second half of life

 Forum 2 (Thursday May 10th 7 – 9 pm) will –

– summarise the topics covered so far

 – descibe the specifics about the way poisoning actually works in the body

–  deal more with the poisons themselves, in foods, inhalants, dental sources etc

– show the way specific disorders come from specific toxins that people are routinely exposed to today

– go on to work through a list of useful methods of detoxifying (none of them the populist kinds found in gossip magazines)

– leave you with a clear understanding of what we all need to do for health today

This is sure to be an illuminating and information packed couple of sessions. So please join us right here at Riverdell Spiritual Centre and bring along writing material.

There will be copies of his book available on the night.

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May 3 - 07:00 pm


May 10 - 09:00 pm

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