Join Pauline Barns for an informative yet relaxed evening all about health!

Pauline has spent majority of her life in the health and wellness field working as a Nurse, she then went on to study Auricular Therapy, TCM Massage, Ayurvedic Medicine, Acupuncture and Naturopathy.  

During this free public talk Pauline will discuss health in relation to these modalities. Giving you tips, tricks and the facts to keep your body balanced and feeling YOUR best.

The three health facets Pauline will be exploring through her public talk are: 

1.Traditional Chinese Massage otherwise known as Tui Na,  which encourages healing and relaxing via the Chi, otherwise known in Western Terms “Energy Force” which flows thru meridians throughout the entire body.  We would be dead if we had no Chi flow just as we would be dead if we had no blood flow.

2.  Auricular Therapy which used to be known as Ear Reflexology but since the World Health Organisation and the American Military along with Dr. Oz,  have been promoting this modality for its amazing effectiveness for healing and also pain relief  it is now known in the most part as Auricular Therapy.

3.  Naturopathy but particularly in regard to Nutrition.  Without correct nutrition the body is unable to heal itself, it is impossible for the brain and body to stay healthy and we become very sick.  The body was always meant to heal itself but because there is no longer the nutrition that is required for health in our foods due to modern farming methods along with all the toxic chemicals not only in our food but also in our personal products such as makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, water and so forth, it is an uphill battle for the body and our planet to cope. 

 We hope to see you there, 

Many Blessings


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