Do you worry about what foods are right for you?

Do you have pain and /or bloating, irregular appetite or swinging blood sugar levels and moods?

Deciding what to eat can be so confusing with all the information ‘out there’. But with the knowledge of Ayurveda you can learn what your body is asking for….then the choices are simple! Ayurveda is a science that is based on 5.000 years of experience and creating good digestion is what Ayurveda does so well. You can learn to know from the inside what is right for you!!

You may already know that good digestion creates more ease and energy in your life. But did you know that good digestion is also the source of a clear mind, can affect your mood, your ability to have a good nights sleep and is the key to a strong immune system?

Learn how to create easy, regular and strong digestion with the added benefit of making clean and vibrant tissues of your body and a clearer mind.

Workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Understanding the progression of disease and how to reverse it!

  • How to create vibrant health, a lighter body and clear mind all through good digestion

  • Easy tips to strengthen your digestion

  • How allergies and autoimmune diseases begin

  • Are cleanses good for everyone?

  • Seasonal changes – best times to detox and how to do it well

  • Informative handouts and recipes to take home

  • Lunch provided!

When:Saturday 23rd June

Location: The Sanctuary

Investment:  $80

Full of practical tools for how to bring Ayurveda into your kitchen this workshop connects you with your body of health. For more information call Jasmine on 0448766497 or email 

 Here is what past attendees have had to say about this workshop…

“Having read a number of books, articles and attended some workshops on Ayurveda I felt as if I was only scratching the surface without any real in depth “knowing’ of the subject.  My first workshop with Jacqueline was a real “a-ha” moment – she found the right button to press and all those bits and pieces fell into place.  Her understanding of Ayurveda coupled with a down to earth delivery and sharing of information make for a lively and informative few hours in her company!  I’m really looking forward to the next workshop!  Gill

Thank you Jacqueline. What I learnt at your workshop is the best health/lifestyle advice I have received since my ongoing struggles with energy, emotions and digestion set in 5yrs ago. It has become my anchor and relief.   Sherilee



June 23


09:30 am - 04:00 pm

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