Emissaries of Divine Light

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is the home for Emissaries of Divine Light in Australia

The philosophy of The Emissaries of Divine Light is based in an agreement to honour Universal Being.

Honouring Universal Being

We honour Universal Being in all its forms and names – through people, through nature and through all creation. We see this attitude of honour for Universal Being as the pivotal factor for the future of humanity.

We especially honour and welcome the expression of Universal Being through ourselves. We believe that this honouring opens us to the wisdom and love within us. It allows us to give our greatest gift to the world and know the greatest fulfilment that is possible for a human being. As we each do that, we become whole and create wholeness around us – we become an emissary of the light of Universal Being. Whole people – whole world.

All of Riverdell Spiritual Centre is dedicated as a teaching and demonstration site for this essential wisdom – both the inner knowing of Universal Being and the practical application of that knowing. This philosophy underpins all our programs, and is our guiding principle when inviting others to offer their programs here. This is why an intentional community was established and why we practise sustainable living and care for our land. Riverdell Spiritual Centre exists to embody this truth and to bring it to our world.

To us, honouring Universal Being is the guiding principle to be embodied in everything we do. If you agree, we welcome you to join with us in bringing this experience to the world.

Canons of Conduct

  1. We take full responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, monitoring the integrity of our motives at all times.
  2. We treat ourselves and others with loving kindness. We are all growing on our unique path to wisdom.
  3. We are caretakers of the natural world and act responsibly for the benefit of future generations.
  4. We uphold the laws of the land.
  5. We respect each individual regardless of
  • Race, colour, gender, age, mental, emotional or physical capacity
  • Sexual orientation, marital or financial status, religious or political belief.
  1. What we offer of our time, talent and resources to the Emissary program is offered freely.
  2. We will not verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, financially, or in any other way deliberately abuse, harass or exploit anyone.

Emissaries of Divine Light is a global network of people who share the understanding that at our core we are Creator-beings and that due to spiritual amnesia, humanity has lost its connection to this essential reality.

The Emissaries see this era in history as a time of global transformation, filled with risk and opportunity. Human consciousness is clearly a critical factor in our collective future. Through all we do, we seek to model a new relationship with the earth, with each other and, most importantly, with the invisible source of all life, which has been called God, Creator, Source, Cosmic Consciousness and we call Universal Being.

In this time of transformation, we see an emerging global body of spiritually awake people bringing a new state of consciousness into the world. This body is composed of people from many ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and faiths. Through our work, we activate participation in this global body of spiritually awake people.

At Riverdell Spiritual Centre, we offer Emissary programs and activities that assist people to awaken more fully to what is most true about them and to help them see that reality.

Find out more about the global Emissary programs. 

Our Spiritual Opportunities

At the Riverdell Spiritual Centre, we provide practical opportunities for spiritual awakening:
• Sunday morning regular pulse of spiritual and community connection
• Deepening connection between heart, mind and body through meditation, attunement and other body centred practices. Find out more here
• Programs which invite change in consciousness from participants:
Shorter recurrent programs in small groups with practical applications
Longer retreats which allow exploration in depth
• Regular inspiring material for reflection – Daily Inspirations, emails and blogs
• Support & mentoring from those who know these truths for themselves
• Engagement with the global Emissary body via Emissaries.org
Weekly email inspiration: Pulse of Spirit
Monthly teleconference: Creative Field project

We invite you to share these opportunities, thereby letting yourself, your world and THE world be changed.



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