An Invitation

Riverdell Spiritual Centre, near Gawler, in South Australia, has been the home of an intentional spiritual community since 1979. The group has expanded and contracted over time as needs and interests have changed. We are now in an expansion phase and are seeking interest from those who share our values and desires to work together to grow this community in a rightful way and offer spiritual inspiration to our world.

Riverdell is a proud part of the Emissaries of Divine Light global network of communities. We see ourselves as part of the wider field of awakening human beings all around the world. For more information about other Emissary communities CLICK HERE.

Living in Community

The primary purpose of living in intentional spiritual community is to allow outer expression (thinking, feeling and acting) to be transformed by our Inner Spirit as we increase our awareness of that Spirit. This requires a process of learning how to align with the call of that Spirit, then let go to that call. We know this takes willingness, time and specific opportunity. All our spiritual programs have this intention.

We know that living in community requires a special commitment and is not for everyone. Members must be willing and able to develop and deepen friendships with each other. And we realise that living close to others will press our buttons at times and we have ways to creatively deal with this.  We also know that it’s out of this joy of being together that spiritual energy is generated, and this becomes the starting point for other activities.

We meet regularly as a community to share our vision and insight and to support each other in our transformational process. And we find a deeper attunement with the source of life and inspiration within us. We welcome anyone to join us for our regular Sunday Worship Service.

Sound interesting? Check out About Us on our website to know more of who we are. Then email or call us on 61-8-85231329 and let’s talk more!

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