Arts at Riverdell

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, you are!

The arts provide us with an outlet for creative expression, opening up a window of insight, allowing us to peer through the perspective of another.

Engaging in the arts is proven to have positive influences on our physical bodies, as well as our mental and emotional states. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve concentration, cognitive ability and critical thinking, while increasing emotional expression and spontaneous flow.

Study of the arts, in all of its many forms, is increasingly accepted as an important factor in achieving success in school, work, relationships, conscious development and life itself.

Try out a new form of art. Let your creativity flow where it feels called to express itself. And enjoy the process of discovering what type of artist you are.

Riverdell endevours to offer a variety of Arts and Craft based programs to the public including Musical Events, Art Therapy, Sacred Dance, Creative Healing Retreats and a range of Craft based workshops such as Felting and Basket Weaving. Have a look at our Whats On page to see if there is something to inspire your creative side.

If you believe that you have creative gifts to share with others, contact us with your ideas and we will gladly discuss what opportunities might be available at Riverdell.

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